About Us

   A wall of distorted guitars, and a rhythm section like a kick in the chest. A poignant and guttural lyrical exploration of mental health, and lack thereof... Come sing along to pissed off victory anthems for the broken hearted. 
   Recording and touring since 2011, Newcastle Kings has solidified themselves as a formidable headliner. They will leave you shaken and humming new melodies in your poor, hungover, Sunday head. 
   Honing their sound in the isolation of the frozen Canadian north with no music scene melting pot to speak of, Newcastle Kings were left to draw inward. They have created their own aggressive expression of alternative rock. A sound that pays homage to the explosivity of the 90's and 2000's, while pushing the genre forward, exploring the uncomfortable corners of the mind.

   Songwriter Skylar Dayton has drawn from personal tribulations as well as both literary and film inspiration. Canvassing topics like depression, addiction, anger and heartache, in an earnest attempt to move the global and cultural conversation on mental health and wellness forward. 

   Newcastle Kings have taken their new brand of rock to stage after stage, both headlining independent tours and finding themselves on stages opening for hit acts like Big Sugar, Nashville Pussy, Sloan and One Bad Son. Following sophomore release “Misery Music” Newcastle Kings traveled to Chalet Recording Studio in Toronto, to work with producer/mixer Brian Moncarz. 
Brian has worked under Bob Ezrin (Alice Cooper, Kiss) and David Bottrill. He is currently mixing the new Tea Party album and has actively worked with Our Lady Peace, The Trews and many great Canadian Rock Bands. Two new singles, “Dreams (about cocaine)”, and “Problem Solver” are to be delivered to radio in the first quarter of 2020